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Our selling process in a nutshell and why it's unique: 

Complimentary Business Value Assessment

We review your financial statements, industry trends, and market comparisons to come up with a value assessment/opinion.  Read my article on how we use this information to assess the potential selling price of your business here. Unlike other Brokers that lock you into a 12-24 months contract, ours is only for 3 months, so it's important that we set a realistic expectation of selling price. We can't help all business owners because not all business are worth selling. 


6-Point Promise we   

List the Business

After establishing the asking price, we create a professional marketing presentation and develop a marketing plan. Then we list the business on the most effective business selling sites using premium listing options at no cost to the seller. Click here to visit our current listings. 

Attract Buyers

Where applicable, we will work with our most aggressive Lenders to gain SBA Loan pre-qualification to increase the number potential buyers and greatly improve buyer confidence. We will also market the business to potential buyers using methods appropriate to the business type. We have thousands of contacts in our database that we will leverage.  Let us represent your best interests and qualify all potential buyers so you can focus on running your business. 

Observe and Adjust

We will be in close communication with you the entire way. We understand that selling a business is not a frequent occurrence, and you'll have many questions. We're happy to answer all of them while advising you on the best methods to increase the sale price, avoid problems, and resolve issues that may arise. Let our experience, education, and training serve your best interests.   


the Provide the Seller frequent updates backed by data to adjust the marketing plan as necessary

Create competition between buyers

Start Escrow only when a buyer has been pre-approved for the loan  


Close escrow

and a celebrate the start of a new chapter in the seller's life


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